The Implications of Health and Safety in Managing Buildings


After completing this, learners will be able to:

Describe the steps used in the risk assessment process for the health and safety of building occupants.

Identify ways building occupants can receive fire and life safety training.

Identify the leadership role recommended for a facility’s emergency response team.

Understand what should be included in a contingency plan for a facility-related emergency.

Identify potential hazards that require personal protective equipment (PPE).

Identify types of PPE used to protect the human body in hazardous situations.

Describe sources of hazardous energy that require lockout/tag out (LOTO) procedures.

Understand the latest standard used to communicate information about hazardous materials to building occupants.

Identify the main purpose of using building codes for construction.

Understand how a facilities manager’s participation in the development of ISO standards may benefit the facilities he/she manages.