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Buildings in the Cloud: From Smart Buildings to Smart Cities

As our world emerges into large, urban environments, facilities management professionals are challenged with integrating their buildings into the urban fabric of Smart City initiatives.


Managing Risk in Your Data Center: Recipe for a Good Night’s Sleep This paper will cover placement of the computer room and infrastructure space to manage risk from vandalism, sabotage, water hazard, wind damage and seismic events.

Managing Energy in the New Smart Grid: Looming Costs & Opportunities

While the triple bottom line provides a potential framework for maintaining and operating existing buildings, its practical application can remain elusive.

Collaboration in the Clouds: How Success Factors Took Productivity to New Heights

Identify strategies for actively engaging end users to better align design and business strategy.

Best Practices in Implementing a CMMS

With so many needs and limited budgets, how does one make the most out of a CMMS implementation?