Tawareq Facilities Management assists facilities management professionals in planning and implementing strategic sustainability programs.

The integration of sustainability into the facilities management process is a natural TFM.
Facilities management professionals have long been concerned with and engaged in the environmental aspects of the facilities they operate, especially from the perspective of energy conservation and high-performance buildings.

Tawareq Facilities Management is committed to being the thought leader in sustainability and is dedicated to enhancing the capacity of its members to meet the challenges of sustainable facilities management. TFM provides the opportunity to learn through education and credentialing programs; connect to a diverse global community of professionals; and, as stewards of the built environment, advance the practice of sustainability throughout the building life cycle.




Sustainability Spotlight Tawareq Facilities Management Seattle Chapter Learn about innovative sustainability practices, events, initiatives and projects created by TFM members!

Become a TFM ENERGY STAR®! Join your peers in setting up your ENERGY STAR building profile and sharing data through TFM Master Account.

Getting Started with Sustainable Facilities Management This white paper shows FMs how to start an organization on the sustainability path. The detailed findings in this Getting Started How-to Guide include a step-by-step process for assessing your organization, finding a starting point, identifying initiatives, evaluating their value, and implementing, measuring and monitoring effectiveness. Case studies of three organizations on the path of Sustainable Facilities Management round out the paper.

Professional Development

Learn about sustainable facilities practices

Sustainability Facility Professional™ credential Tawareq Facilities Management SFP™ credential provides the sustainability knowledge to operate facilities on a daily and long-term basis to achieve its desired performance
goals. Unlike any other credential or building certification, the SFP helps facilities professionals play a key leadership role in creating, managing and operating sustainable facilities by giving them the skills to continually improve their facilities’ impact on the environment and the community.

FM Sustainability:
Creating Your Action Plan
This online course provides valuable information on the most effective way to introduce sustainable practices into your facilities management operations.

Continuing Education Search a variety of educational opportunities including on demand recordings, webinars, and more to help you meet your unique professional goals.

Sustainability How-to Guides this white paper series is a practical resource providing data, best practices, emerging trends, and case studies (including ROI) on a range of subjects related to sustainability in the built environment to assist you in implementing sustainable practices.


Engage in group discussions on sustainable practices

Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability Community (ESS COMM) The ESS COMM is an online community forum for professional collaboration in which members can share knowledge, insights, challenges, solutions and discuss sustainability-related topics. This is YOUR community! Each user makes this community dynamic, so get involved!