Have a special cleaning project? The Maids’ home cleaning services can help you tackle specific cleaning needs. Contact your local office to speak to a sales representative to learn more.

What We Do

The Maids is the only residential cleaning company to clean for health using the Touch® Deep Cleaning System. See
our list of professional cleaning areas below, or suggest your own.

How We Do It

The Maids uses a strategic, methodical cleaning approach and state-of-the-art equipment, including our patented backpack vacuum with filtration that can capture up to 99 percent of all dust, allergens, bacteria, pet dander, pollen and other pollutants.

Why We Do It

Image of Tennant V-WA-30

Image of Tennant V-WA-30

There is no cleaning project too big or small for The Maids. The Maids pledges to maintain a high customer satisfaction and referral rate in home cleaning services. Call The Maids and see for yourself today.

Additional Residential Cleaning Services

Oven/Grill Cleaning Service

Refrigerator Cleaning Service

Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning Service

Wood Floor Cleaning Service

Tile Floor Cleaning Service

Concrete Floor Cleaning Service

Wall Cleaning Service

Chandelier Cleaning

Light Fixtures

Mirrored Walls

Garage Cleaning Service

Vacuum Mattresses

Vacuum Draperies Wood

Paneling Cleaning Service



The Maids TFM Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning includes a vacuum system and was created to provide you and your family with the healthiest living environment possible.  Studies have shown that the quality of the air we breathe continues to deteriorate, and working to improve the indoor air quality is vital. Homes today are built so air-tight that any air that gets in – good or bad – has a difficult time getting out, making good housekeeping practices all the more important. Our TFM Filtration Vacuum Can Help Improve Indoor Air Quality

Animal dander is a primary cause of indoor allergies and asthmatic reactions. Deep cleaning for pet owners is essential to reduce indoor allergen levels and prevent symptoms from an animal dander allergy. The HEPA filtration vacuum system used by The Maids removes particles up to 1/210th the diameter of a human hair and captures
up to 99 percent of all: Pet dander





Other Pollutants

We improve your home’s indoor air quality and make it healthy and safe for all family members, even your pets. By using environmentally preferable cleaning products and back pack vacuums equipped with HEPA filtration systems, The Maids is committed to making the air our customers breathe indoors better for their health. For more information on allergies, asthma and other related information on HEPA filtration cleaning, please view the following health-related links:

Environmental Protection Agency

American Lung Association

American Cleaning Institute

Image of Tennant S3B walk-behind battery sweeper




Because customer satisfaction is our company’s most important tenet, The Maids backs all house cleaning and maid service work with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Ifyou’re unhappy with any area we’ve cleaned, just call within 24 hours and we’ll come back and re clean it free of charge.





Typical Chores Performed in the Cleaning Process

Vacuum & Mop (Steam Mop) Floor Surfaces

Dust Window sills and Baseboards

Dust All Furnishings and Decorative Items within Reach

Dust Window Blinds Empty Trash


Steam Clean & Sanitize All Countertops

Steam Clean & Sanitize Sink and Faucets

Clean Outside of All Appliances

Clean Inside of Microwave

Steam Clean of Cabinet interiors and Exteriors

Wipe Off Table and Chairs

Dust Baseboards

Steam Clean Floor 



Steam Clean & Sanitize Counter and Sink

Steam Clean & Sanitize Shower and Tub

Clean & Sanitize Toilet

Shine Mirrors and Chrome

Vacuum and Steam Sanitize Floor

Dust Baseboards

Spot Clean Cabinet Exteriors

BALCONY   Dust balcony furniture

Vacuum & Mop Floor Surfaces

Image of Tennant V-WA-30

Image of Tennant V-WA-30


Move-In/Out Deep Cleaning

Move-In/Out Deep Cleaning
for Residential and Commercial


If you are moving in to your new property in Abu Dhabi, You need Deep Cleaning through Steam Cleaning. We understand the needs of our clients and offer a Value Innovation for our Clients. We want to be your preferred cleaning company so we make sure that the service and quality you receive is second to none.

Our Cleaning Team works hard and we put every effort to measure up with your expectations. We are a Green Cleaning Service and with our superior Steam Cleaning Technology, we work to save you time and money and we reduce the carbon foot prints as we use no Chemicals and save massive amounts of water. We also offer exceptional Value to Builders, Construction and Fit-out Contractors etc. as we offer a perfect solution for Post-Construction Cleaning

Below is our standard list that our Steam cleaners will perform. We definitely address any particular concerns that you have pointed out before and after our Team starts the job. Our task list and quotations is based on providing a high level of personalized service. For your convenience we supply all the necessary materials and equipment without any additional cost.

Our Move In/Out cleaning comprises the following:

Grease removal from kitchen walls

Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Thorough cleaning of all cabinetry (interior and exterior)

Machine scrubbing of floor area*

Grout Steam Cleaning especially in Kitchen and Bathroom Floors and Tiles Walls

Internal window washing for apartments and villas

Cleaning of doors, wardrobes and other wooden fixtures

Steam cleaning of bathrooms

Thorough dusting & vacuuming of entire property

Balcony & Rails: Washing & Dusting

Villas: Pressure washing of paved areas*

*Additional charges may apply

we are one of the few, if not the only, Cleaning Companies in   Abu Dhabi  that use steam cleaning equipment as part of its regular cleaning process as it is effective in removing grease build up. We also use it
to clean kitchen units, floors and tiles. This method of deep cleaning kitchens is more effective than using harsh chemical sprays. It is proven that steam cleaning is more hygienic than using harsh chemical sprays.

The steam equipment can remove mold build up from grout in tiles. However, over time, grout can be damaged, cracked and begin to crumble. This can make it difficult to clean the grout properly and we would strongly recommend you re-grout the tiles.

Our steam cleaning equipment leaves no residue marks and is very environmental friendly. A growing number of clients in UAE are enjoying the benefits of using our method of deep cleaning.

If you are thinking of having a deep clean, please use the Contact Form to discuss your requirements with us.

Degreasing and cleaning grills

Deep down disinfection of cutting boards and other surfaces

Degreasing and cleaning of deep fryers

Cleaning and degreasing ovens and stoves

Cleaning and degreasing floors, walls and ceilings

Hood Vent Cleaning

De-clogging and restoring drains to operate properly

Restoring details such as floor drain covers

Cleaning of fridges and freezers, including removing mold and mildew

Properly deep cleaning and sterilizing meat slicers

Cleaning grease traps

Cleaning Hood Vent filters

Restoring various kitchen tools

Post Construction Deep Cleaning

Whether it is newly constructed Villa or a commercial concern like an Office, Showroom, Restaurant or a Clinic, Post Construction Deep Cleaning of the property is of paramount importance.  Deep cleaning after construction is however a very technical subject. There are few things that are important to consider before awarding contract to a Cleaning Company.  You must ask the contender company what equipment it has to Clean and sanitize the following areas;


Dust settled in Nooks and Corners

Dust settled in the crevices of Hinges

Grouting Material Residue on Tiles

Gum Marks and residues on Floors and Walls